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Check Member Ratings for Addresses and Domains

Check Before You Click

News February 27, 2015

Press ReleaseJoin Bulc Club Bulc Club is Now 100% Free! August 12, 2016 — Read the Press Release »   With each new member,¬†Bulc Club’s Member Ratings grow¬†stronger and more accurate. By default, Bulc Club relies on these ratings to (…)

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Distinct Addresses and Domains

Distinct Addresses and Domains

News February 13, 2015

Ever subscribe to a newsletter and find yourself receiving messages from different senders (email addresses and mail server domains)? Bulc Club makes it easy for you to see who is using your forwarders. Better yet, you can block specific addresses and domains so that you only receive the messages you want.

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How to Read Bulc Club Statistics

Bulc Club Statistics

News November 26, 2014

While Bulc Club provides global, general statistics to better inform members of the likelihood of a sender’s email address or domain being unsolicited bulkmail, you can also access statistics on messages you receive through your Bulc Club Member Console’s History and Forwarders sections. Learn more about how to read these statistics to make better decisions on downloading and reading email.

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