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Inbox Zero in 5 Minutes with Bulc Club and Gmail

Inbox Zero in 5 Minutes with Bulc Club and Gmail

News May 22, 2018

As Bulc Club Members continue toward our goal of ridding the world of spam, forever, we continually receive positive feedback about how our free spam prevention service has changed peoples’ lives. One response we’ve frequently heard is the unexpected perk (…)

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Email Odyssey

A Developer’s Guide to Managing Email Accounts

News September 19, 2017

Mike Citarella takes you on an odyssey through the rough seas of email management, finding safe landing with his company’s own elegant solution in Bulc Club.

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Bulc Club and Gmail Aliases

Bulc Club and Gmail/Outlook Aliases

News January 26, 2015

If you use Gmail as your mail provider, Bulc Club automatically appends the forwarder alias to the email address to make it easier for you to do this. While Gmail doesn’t officially offer traditional aliases, they ignore everything after a plus (+) symbol in your email address. So, Bulc Club appends your forwarder alias (credit-report) to your Gmail address automatically when it forwards the mail to you.

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Bulc Club Forwarders

Curious who sold your email address?

News January 20, 2015

One of Bulc Club’s many advantages is that you can automatically see who sold your Bulc Club forwarder.

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