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BulcBurners, Free, Monthly, and Annual Membership Plans

News June 5, 2015

Bulc Club Membership Plans

Bulc Club is Now 100% Free!

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BulcBurners are simply single-use email addresses. They’re addresses that you can use once and then throw away, similar to disposable cell phones.
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Free Membership

Free Membership allows for one forwarder to be created so that all mail sent to it will be forwarded to your inbox. If you disable the forwarder, you’ll receive none of the mail to it. If you enable the forwarder, you’ll receive all mail sent to it. There is no filtering by Club Rating or any allowing/disabling forwarding based on sender. It’s the same as creating a new email account and automatically forwarding all received mail to another one.
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Monthly/Annual Membership

Monthly/Annual Membership allows for the automatic creation of unlimited forwarders. All mail sent to any of these forwarders is filtered based on Club Rating unless you override the filters by allowing or blocking mail in the “Forwarders” tab in your Member Console. Each forwarder‘s actions can be updated individually. Club Ratings are calculated by the actions taken by Monthly and Annual Bulc Club Members.
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Monthly Members receive all the benefits of Annual Membership with one small exception: Annual Members receive a discount roughly equal to two months’ membership dues as a thank you for paying their full year’s dues in advance.
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