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The New Paradigm Against Hackers: Email Addresses as Passwords

The New Paradigm Against Hackers: Email Addresses as Passwords

News September 20, 2017

Between May and July of 2017, the sensitive personal information of 143 million American consumers was exposed in a data breach at Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit reporting agencies. I was one of them and it’s likely you were too. In this article, we’ll discuss a new paradigm in how we think about email addresses to protect ourselves from future attacks.

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Email Odyssey

A Developer’s Guide to Managing Email Accounts

News September 19, 2017

One email address for everything? A separate email address for every different service? Forwarders? Aliases? Spam? In this article, Mike Citarella takes you on an odyssey through the rough seas of email management, finding safe landing with his company’s own elegant solution in Bulc Club.

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Forwarders vs. Burners

Forwarders vs. Burners

News June 13, 2017

As part of our entirely free service, Bulc Club gives members access to unlimited email forwarders and gives members and the public access to unlimited free disposable email addresses, or BulcBurners. But what’s the difference between forwarders and burners, and when do you use them?

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Bulc Club's Unidirectional Message Flow

Unidirectional Flow

News June 10, 2017

Bulc Club Email Forwarders are designed to observe a unidirectional message flow. This is ideal for receipts, online retailers, newsletters, subscriptions, promotions, sweepstakes, social media, etc. This unidirectional message flow prevents you from accidentally responding to phishing or spoofed emails from spammers. Think of it like the backflow preventer on your toilet. Read more

Unlimited iCloud Email Aliases with Bulc Club

Unlimited Free iCloud Aliases

News May 22, 2017

Bulc Club quietly beta-launched in January 2014 with the sole purpose of ridding the world of spam and bulkmail, forever. Along with a host of other features, an integral mechanism of the service is providing our members with unlimited free forwarders. These forwarders help protect member inboxes from spam, provide a means of identifying the businesses that sell or share private data, and allow members to individually and instantly block the spam with the touch of a button. Read more

Invalid Sender

Filter Email Addresses with Non-Standard Characters

News May 1, 2017

A common complaint among the Twittersphere is that most mail providers cannot block (or filter) email addresses with non-standard characters because they believe them to be an invalid or malformed address. Read more

Keep the Receipt. Block the Spam.

Keep the Receipt. Block the Spam.

News March 22, 2017

Digital point of sale (POS) systems are becoming more prevalent, giving rise to digital receipts. Oftentimes, we’d rather skip the tax write-off if it means that we may receive SMS and email spam.

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Online Service Spam Prevention Cheatsheet

News February 28, 2017

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to our article Linked In, Opted Out, we’ve put together this cheatsheet to help members switch their primary email addresses for online services and social media to a Bulc Club Forwarder to prevent spam.

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LinkedIn - Allow Domain

Allow Mail From Only One Domain

News February 16, 2017

If you’ve read our case study on InstantCheckmate, you’ll see that subscribing to online services may flood your inbox with bulkmail from a variety of email addresses and domains. This is part of how these shady businesses make money. They require you to provide an email address in order to use their service. They, themselves, may never spam you, but you could receive hundreds of messages from their “marketing partners.” Read more