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The Bulc Club Effect

Press September 5, 2018

The Bulc Club Effect

The world is changing. And Bulc Club is partially responsible.

The internet has opened infinite doors to convenience, access to information, products and services, and global ease of communication. But with such interconnectivity, the damages caused by these new risks (both apparent and deeply hidden) began to present themselves rapidly. Internet users grew more and more concerned about privacy and security. We were tired of worrying about it. But what could we do? The traditional methods of relying on blacklists and outdated algorithms did nothing to assuage these fears and seemingly every day we hear news reports about breaches and hacks that validated these concerns. We needed something better. So we invented Bulc Club.

Bulc Club provides unlimited forwarders, unlimited email filtering, and analytics for unlimited protection against unethical businesses and data breaches.
(Read more about how Bulc Club works below)

Since our launch, Bulc Club has changed the world for the better. Consequently, we also began to change the way people think about privacy protection. We’ve restored the confidence of internet users by providing powerful weapons against hackers, spotlighting businesses who sell/share information, and inspiring new businesses to adopt and copy this new paradigm both in our industry and others. We call it The Bulc Club Effect.

Note: Thank you to our Members and social media followers for sharing these with us!

Privacy Emails

In terms of email forwarding and filtering, a whole new host of copycat services have sprung up since we opened our doors. Some offer email forwarding, but no filtering. Some offer filtering, but no forwarding. Some charge money. Some limit usage. There’s a pretty good catalog with pros and cons curated by the folks over at Privacy-Emails.info.

Eno, by Capital One

In terms of other industries, Members and fans inform us all the time where they’ve seen Bulc Club replicated. A real estate rental service provides email forwarders to communicate between tenants and agents. An analytics company allows uniquely named beacons to track who shared corporate emails. Even last week, Capital One launched a service they call “Eno,” which copies Bulc Club’s exact process to protect their users’ credit card numbers. It’s Bulc Club, for credit cards.

We’re happy to be part of this positive change in the world, creating a level playing field against hackers and unethical businesses. We’re excited to influence creators and developers in all industries to model their services after ours. After all, our whole mission is to rid the world of spam, forever. We hope The Bulc Club Effect continues to influence others in making the world a better place.

If you want to help, join us. Bulc Club is entirely free!

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How Bulc Club Works

The core functionality of our free spam prevention and privacy protection service is nothing new. It’s just a middle-man. A courier. An intermediary that knows nothing but how to do his job. He carries information, that’s all. And if he’s captured, he gives nothing away. Feel free: shoot the messenger. We’ve got a gazillion more.

Learn more about how Bulc Club Works

Unlimited Forwarders

Bulc Club’s couriers are the unlimited email forwarders everyone gets with their free account. In a nutshell: if you want a receipt from Java Joint, make up an email address (javajoint@jsmith.bulc.club) and the receipt will forward to your real inbox. If it starts to receive spam or Java Joint’s data is hacked or breached, simply block it. Your personal information (email address, username, password, etc.) are all safe. Again, g’head and shoot the messenger.

Learn more about Bulc Club’s Email Forwarders

Unlimited Email Filtering

Email forwarders have been around for a while; we just made them unlimited and gave them to the public for free. What makes Bulc Club revolutionary is how we harness the power of our Membership to create less work for everyone. Bulc Club adds “Block” buttons to each email message as it’s forwarded to our Members’ inboxes. Every time a Member blocks a spammer, all our other Members are less likely to receive spam from them. Everybody wins.

Learn more about Bulc Club’s Email Filtering (Video)

Analytics for Unlimited Protection

Bulc Club also notifies Members which forwarders were sold or shared by unethical businesses. If you start to receive spam through your Java Joint forwarder—and you know you gave it only to them—you can feel pretty confident that they either sold/shared your information or they suffered a data breach or hack. Either way, your information is still safe. Simply block the forwarder and move on.

Learn more about Analytics by reading our Instant Checkmate Case Study

There’s a lot more information on our site, in our knowledgebase, and in our FAQs about how Bulc Club works. If you have any questions, drop us a line or reach out on one of our social networks. If you want to help change the world, join us. It’s entirely free.