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Proposed Bill Pushes Case for Bulc Club's Free Email Forwarding Service

California Bill Pushes Case for Bulc Club’s Free Email Forwarding Service

Press January 9, 2019

Proposed California bill opens consumers to the spread of unsolicited email, bulkmail, and spam, makes a strong case for Bulc Club’s free email forwarding service.

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The Bulc Club Effect

The Bulc Club Effect

Press September 5, 2018

The world is changing. And Bulc Club is partially responsible. The internet has opened infinite doors to convenience, access to information, products and services, and global ease of communication. But with such interconnectivity, the damages caused by these new risks (…)

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Bulc Club is Free

Bulc Club Eliminates Spam with Social Networking

Press August 12, 2016

Free New Service Crowdsources Ratings of Email Senders to Block Unwanted Mail NEW YORK, Aug. 12 – Crowdsourcing and social networking are everywhere, nowadays. So why not use them to prevent spam?

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Free Year of Membership

Follow Bulc Club for a Free Year

Press March 18, 2016

Press ReleaseJoin Bulc Club Bulc Club is Now 100% Free! August 12, 2016 — Read the Press Release » Bulc Club is the world’s first social network with the mission of ridding the world of spam forever. But rather than (…)

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Bulc Club

Bulc.Club wants you to join the good fight against viagra and louis vuitton spam

Press May 29, 2014

The new dot .Club gTLD has been promoted by uber-celebrity, 50 Cent, as the TLD of choice for night life entrepreneurs and club owners.

Breaking the mold in more than one way, is the Bulc Club, operating from Bulc.Club, obviously.

Not only do they forward BulcClub.com to the spiffy new brandable, but they have a great stylization to their brand; it’s how things should be done in the new Internet era of gTLDs.

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Together, we can put them out of business.

Hello world! Goodbye Bulkmail!

Press January 1, 2014

Over 100 billion bulkmail messages are sent every day. You may know them as spam, junk mail, unsolicited email. Whatever you call them, they’re annoying. At the least, they clutter your inbox and present the risk of you missing important emails from family, friends and coworkers. At the worst, they put your computer at risk for viruses and make you susceptible to identity theft and costly or time-consuming processes to keep yourself and your contacts safe. Bulc Club is a revolutionary new system for filtering and forwarding email based on member ratings. Learn more about how we’re eradicating the world of bulkmail, forever.

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