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California Bill Pushes Case for Bulc Club’s Free Email Forwarding Service

Press January 9, 2019

Proposed Bill Pushes Case for Bulc Club's Free Email Forwarding Service

On January 8, 2019, Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) proposed a bill to require all businesses to provide proof of purchase receipts electronically starting in 2022.

And while the bill aims to reduce paper consumption and prevent the spread of contaminating chemicals used in receipts, it would also substantially open consumers to the spread of unsolicited email, bulkmail, and spam.


“Then they have your email, then they’ll be marketing to you or selling your information or it can get into privacy issues,” said Republican Assemblyman Brian Dahle of Bieber. Should the bill become enacted into California law, consumers should be cautious about providing their real email address to businesses, particularly those with loose network security or reputations for shady privacy practices.

A Case for Email Forwarding

Since 2017, Bulc Club has provided a free service that blocks spam and the spread of private information by providing unlimited email forwarders to all of its Membership. When providing an email address to obtain a copy of a digital receipt, Members simply create an email forwarder on-the-spot (e.g., [store name] @ [username] .bulc.club). The receipt is forwarded through Bulc Club to the Member’s inbox and all other spam is blocked, automatically. Additionally, the forwarded emails all contain buttons to instantly block all mail sent through that forwarder in the event that a spam message may slip through (Read: Keep the Receipt, Block the Spam).

Members can also fine-tune each individual forwarder so they receive email from only one sender’s email address (e.g., receipts @ [store name] .com) or receive email from only one domain (e.g., [anything] @ [store name] .com). This way they can be sure the spam is blocked and the receipt is still delivered to their inboxes.

Bulc Club is 100% free and Members have already rated and blocked over 90,000 spammer email addresses and 65,000 spammer mail server domains.

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