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News July 30, 2015

Unethical Bank Practices

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If you’re like most people, you switch credit cards, banks, and mortgage companies regularly. Maybe one has a better annual percentage or interest rate. Maybe you’re just tired of their poor customer service. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided you want to solicit another provider and end all business with the previous. If the business is ethical, they’d respect your decision, give you a virtual handshake, and wish you the best. Bulc Club, for example, will never share your personal information with anyone.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with many other businesses nowadays. Their nefarious marketing practices make it difficult for you to disengage entirely. They figure that because you’re no longer a customer, you’re also no longer of any value to them. They cut their losses by selling your private information to not only the highest bidder, but the second highest, lowest, and anyone else that will take it. If you provided your personal email address to them, the severance of your relationship will be followed by an onslaught of spam and bulkmail by credit report companies, loan and mortgagers, banks, credit card companies, etc.


Cancel your credit card. Disable your forwarder.

They’ll continue to sell your information, but you won’t receive a thing.


With a monthly or annual subscription to Bulc Club, however, you can create unlimited forwarders and attribute them to each business you engage with. This way, you’ll not only know who sold your information, but also have the ability to disable each individually. This prevents the flow of email through your forwarder account to your personal email address, keeping your inbox free and clean of clutter.

Unlimited forwarders are just another way that Bulc Club helps you fight the unethical marketing practices of businesses that require your email address.

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