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Check Bulc Club Member Rating for Addresses and Domains

Check Member Ratings

News March 4, 2016

You already know you can check the spam rating for any sender’s address and domain by visiting our Check Rating page. Did you also know you can easily Check Bulc Club Member Ratings for Addresses and Domains from statistics pages in your Member Console. Click “statistics” on any email received in your “History” tab or by any forwarder name in your “Forwarders” tab and there’s a helpful link for you to check the member ratings for all sender addresses and domains.

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Unethical Bank Practices

Fight Unethical Marketing with Bulc Club

News July 30, 2015

Bulc Club’s unlimited forwarders help keep your inbox free and clean of clutter.

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Check Before You Click

Check Before You Click

News February 27, 2015

Press ReleaseJoin Bulc Club Bulc Club is Now 100% Free! August 12, 2016 — Read the Press Release » With each new member, Bulc Club’s Member Ratings grow stronger and more accurate. By default, Bulc Club relies on these ratings to determine (…)

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Together, we can put them out of business.

Hello world! Goodbye Bulkmail!

Press January 1, 2014

Over 100 billion bulkmail messages are sent every day. You may know them as spam, junk mail, unsolicited email. Whatever you call them, they’re annoying. At the least, they clutter your inbox and present the risk of you missing important emails from family, friends and coworkers. At the worst, they put your computer at risk for viruses and make you susceptible to identity theft and costly or time-consuming processes to keep yourself and your contacts safe. Bulc Club is a revolutionary new system for filtering and forwarding email based on member ratings. Learn more about how we’re eradicating the world of bulkmail, forever.

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