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150,000+ Email Addresses Rated and Blocked

150,000+ Email Addresses and 100,000+ Mailserver Domains Rated and Blocked

Press June 18, 2020

As of June 18, 2020, Bulc Club Members have now rated and blocked over 150,000 email addresses and more than 100,000 domains.

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A Case for Retiring Burners

A Case for Retiring Burners

News December 23, 2019

When we first soft-launched Bulc Club five years ago, we knew we’d have to contend with the obstacle of promoting an anti-spam, privacy-protection service without spamming people, nor invading their privacy. In fact, any form of advertising and self-promotion felt disingenuous to our cause—ridding the world of spam, forever.

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Proposed Bill Pushes Case for Bulc Club's Free Email Forwarding Service

California Bill Pushes Case for Bulc Club’s Free Email Forwarding Service

Press January 9, 2019

On January 8, 2019, Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) proposed a bill to require all businesses to provide proof of purchase receipts electronically starting in 2022.

And while the bill aims to reduce paper consumption and prevent the spread of contaminating chemicals used in receipts, it would also substantially open consumers to the spread of unsolicited email, bulkmail, and spam.

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The Perception of Domain Suffixes (TLDs) and Abuse Considerations for Domain Buyers

The Perception of Top Level Domains and Abuse Considerations for Domain Buyers

News November 13, 2018

As of November 2018, Bulc Club’s Members have rated over 60,000+ sender domains (and 85,000+ email addresses) for the type of email they deliver. These ratings are the intelligence behind Bulc Club’s free mail filtering and forwarding service, giving Members the knowledge over which businesses are selling/compromising their privacy.
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The Bulc Club Effect

The Bulc Club Effect

Press September 5, 2018

The world is changing. And Bulc Club is partially responsible.

The internet has opened infinite doors to convenience, access to information, products and services, and global ease of communication. But with such interconnectivity, the damages caused by these new risks (both apparent and deeply hidden) began to present themselves rapidly. Internet users grew more and more concerned about privacy and security. We were tired of worrying about it. But what could we do? The traditional methods of relying on blacklists and outdated algorithms did nothing to assuage these fears and seemingly every day we hear news reports about breaches and hacks that validated these concerns. We needed something better. So we invented Bulc Club. Read more

Help Bulc Club Grow!

Love Bulc Club? Help Us Grow!

News July 20, 2018

As you know, Bulc Club is 100% free. We attribute our continued growth and success to Member Ratings. As each new Member rates and blocks more spammers, we’re able to more accurately filter out their spam from every Member’s inbox. Ultimately, the more Members we have, the less work for each of us. To date, our Members have already rated and blocked over 75,000 email addresses and 55,000 mail server domains, and the totals keep climbing. When we achieve our mission of ending spam forever, it’ll be wholly due to Members clicking those Block buttons. That’s why Bulc Club will always be free. Read more

Inbox Zero in 5 Minutes with Bulc Club and Gmail

Inbox Zero in 5 Minutes with Bulc Club and Gmail

News May 22, 2018

As Bulc Club Members continue toward our goal of ridding the world of spam, forever, we continually receive positive feedback about how our free spam prevention service has changed peoples’ lives. One response we’ve frequently heard is the unexpected perk of helping our Members achieve the fabled Inbox Zero – that rare and transcendental state where your inbox is empty.

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Mail Sorting and Routing

The One Reason Companies Block Forwarding Services: Spam

News May 7, 2018

Typically, when a business wants to send you postal mail, they address it to your home address, pop it in a mailbox, and it’s picked up, routed, and delivered by the postman. Read more