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Keep Your Address (Safe)

News June 6, 2016

Keep Your Email Address (Safe)

Bulc Club is Now 100% Free!

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Bulc Club is a membership-based email filtering and forwarding service. This means that you keep your favorite email address, but rather than giving it to businesses and third parties, you give them one of our (unlimited) forwarders, instead.

Bulc Club is not an email provider like Gmail or iCloud. Our members don’t receive new email addresses and we’re not replacing the one you currently use. We want you to keep—and continue using—your email address. We want to protect it by severely limiting the number of businesses and untrustworthy people that have access to it. We want to help you keep it safe from spam and bulkmail, viruses and malicious software, and everything else that is dangerous and annoying. We want to rid the world of spam, forever. And with your help, we will.


You keep your email address.

As a Bulc Club member, you keep it safe, too!


How It Works

If a business or individual asks for your email address, simply ask yourself one question: do I trust them to only send emails that I want to receive? If yes, give them your email address. If no, give them one of our forwarders.* For the most part, the decision is fairly straight forward. If your mother-in-law has a penchant for internet cat videos and chain letters, we don’t envy the choice you need to make. In a nutshell, that’s all there is to it: No new email addresses. No additional work. All good. No evil (and no spam).
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* Tip: You get unlimited forwarders, created on-the-spot the first time you use one. About Bulc Club Forwarders »


Here are some perfect examples from @BulcClub’s Twitter feed of people who may’ve made the wrong decisions, and some examples of forwarders they could’ve used: