Bulc Club

Filter Email Addresses with Non-Standard Characters

News May 1, 2017

Invalid Sender

A common complaint among the Twittersphere is that most mail providers cannot block (or filter) email addresses with non-standard characters because they believe them to be an invalid or malformed address.

Bulc Club accepts mail based on a host of criteria, but mostly those relying on the IETF’s Email Address Internationalization standards. Once mail is received, it’s parsed based on the member’s preference, Bulc Club Member Rating, and Forwarding Options. All sender email addresses and domains may be rated by users and checked by the public.

Bulc Club doesn’t discriminate, and user ratings for addresses that contain the special characters are treated the same as those that don’t (e.g., ! # $ % & ‘ * + – = ? ^ _ ` { | } ~). There are few exemptions (such as forward slashes), which may be rated, but cannot be checked by the public.

Unlike Outlook.com and various other mail services, Bulc Club allows you to filter out mail from spammers who use addresses specifically designed to prevent filtering. It’s one more way that, together, we’re ridding the world of spam, forever. Join us, it’s entirely free.