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Unidirectional Flow

News June 10, 2017

Bulc Club's Unidirectional Message Flow

Bulc Club Email Forwarders are designed to observe a unidirectional message flow. This is ideal for receipts, online retailers, newsletters, subscriptions, promotions, sweepstakes, social media, etc. This unidirectional message flow prevents you from accidentally responding to phishing or spoofed emails from spammers. Think of it like the backflow preventer on your toilet.

Clicking REPLY will NOT deliver your message to the sender. However, the case may arise where you wish to respond to one of the emails we forward to your inbox.

Replying to Senders with Bulc Club

Replying to Senders

In order to safely reply to senders, we recommend that you do the following, in those rare cases where you wish to send a response. Please take caution that you’re not mailing a spammer, as you’ll be exposing your private email address to them.

  1. Click REPLY in your inbox, to begin composing your response.
  2. Replace <relay@bulc.club> with the sender email, shown in the Bulc Club block at the top of the message (e.g.: Original Address: receipt@javajoint.com).
  3. Remove the full Bulc Club header from your email so that your recipient can’t accidentally block themselves.

Tip: In most mail clients (such as Outlook or Mac Mail), the sender’s original address is automatically inserted into the TO: field, when you click REPLY.

If you have any questions, visit our knowledgebase, FAQs, or submit a support ticket and we’ll walk you through the process.